savor. savor.

savor. savor.  two words that are exchanged often between joe and me in the midst of a “hold tightly to this” moment.  that’s exactly what this last month has been full of, those savor savor moments.

exactly one month ago she came.  little miss aria ellen maertz!  aria, you came in a beautiful rush; and despite all of mommy’s efforts you fought your way into this world on friday may 13 at 11:45pm.  you are darling.  you are strong; i’m pretty sure you were born as a six week old (you’re strong beyond your weeks, for sure).  you surprised the doctors with your size; at only two weeks old, they thought you were two months old!  your fingers wrap around my hair with a death grip, and you’re even smiling a little now.  aria, you give us the greatest gift— you stay asleep thorough all your sister’s banging and yelling.  loving you is effortless.

naomi, you are spunky and so very sweet.  as your ama says, You are predictably joyful.  at 18 months, you are curious about everything and full of life.  just about anything will send you into a spurt of knee high kicking and spinning, your mouth wide open, eyes even wider, and with buckets of joy, you shout “whooooooa!”

favorite words: “deh da baw” (get the ball), “aw dye”(all done), “bah bouh oww sigh” (bubbles outside), “deh dah bawh” (take a bow, obviously), “mimi nigh nigh” (naomi night night), “weh deh beh bee?” (where’s the baby?)

favorite eats: you love eating raisins, peanut butter on a spoon, more bacon than i’d like to admit, but your all time favorite is “rhhhhythe” (rice).  are you making your thai papa proud or what?  and you love your little sister.  all you want is to be with the “beh bee,” to help throw her diaper in the trash, to touch her hand “gehckle” (gentle), and to stand on your little stool and peak into her crib.  you are a fun big sister to have around!

joe, we had a good run didn’t we?  the world adventures, the weekend gallivanting, the eating out anywhere— anytime, booking last minute deals to paris, the sleeping in, the cruises, or how about dinners with adult conversations?  or how about dinners with conversations, period.  and remember when we actually had friends?  flash forward to life with babies.  now, if this new mommy of two wants to chop off her hair, get a nose ring, run off to disneyland with a 12 day old and host a giant housewarming party she draws suspicion of being postpartum depressed or bipolar.  (thank you for that Dr Martinez!)

our new life is wild and wonderful, and wild.  even now, we’re trying to laugh at how it’s 10pm and Aria just  b a r e l y  fell asleep after you, me and your dad have held, rocked, shushed, bathed, sang, bounced and rocked her again— for almost three hours.  we’re doing a good job.  like they say in Marley & Me, “no one tells you how hard this is all going to be… It’s the hardest job in the world, and nobody prepares you for that.  no body tells you how much you have to give up…”  but, I think they got it wrong.  they do tell you how hard it is.  you see it every time you look into the glazed over eyes of a mom with little ones.  i knew it was going to be hard, i just didn’t think it would be that hard for me.

enter: humility.  i get it now.  i really get it now.

remember that moment?  that moment we came home from the hospital with Aria and picked up Naomi from my parents’ house?  it was the first time you and i buckled our little girls into the backseat and drove home as a family of four.  the entire drive home— i cried.  cried buckets.  our backseat filled with blessings.  beautiful blessings. our girls.  and it’s moments like that, that keep me sane, keep me going and keep me amazed.  savor.  savor.  i’m so glad i’ve got you to walk this wild journey with.