life without jack and kate.

in 2008, joe and i joined the beautiful island of LOST.  albeit late, we joined.  season one, plane crash and polar bears; it was a pretty significant season for us.  season of life, that is.  that summer, LOST kept us company during our stay in the wild and foreign lands of Amman, Jordan.  better than company, actually, these tv actors became friends.  jack, kate, sawyer, sayid, hurley, charlie, claire, and that mysterious john locke would come over from about 11:00pm-11:43pm.  43 beautifully crafted minutes that would send me begging joe for “just one more episode!!”  it was intense, it was intriguing, it was confusing, it was beautiful.  with a few months missed here and there, it was our night time ritual from august 2008 until may 2011.  as our evening ritual came to a close, it was almost like the changing of the guards.  out marched LOST (and that painful last episode) and in marched baby number two.  life got complicated and full, to say the least.  but somewhere around august 2011, things settled around this baby filled household and the nights gave us more breathing room, more space, and more time for us.  maybe it was the kids, maybe the long summer days, maybe it was the transition into this house, maybe it was pure exhaustion from our busy days, maybe it was us— but after the kids went down, and dinner was wrapped up and done, there really wasn’t much left in us, or for us.  we’d spend our evenings together (face to face mind you) across the dining room table.  one laptop facing another laptop.  a poor attempt at “to love and to cherish,” but it was us after long days of work and kids.  i would be swimming in ETSY (cause it’s awesome), CRAIGSLIST (oh the treasures) and BABYSRUS (in search of the perfect double stroller).  and joe was digging through all the posts and reposts of GEARPAGE (making the prettiest pedal board you’ve ever laid eyes on).  hours.  seriously hours.  staring, clicking, scrolling, blinking.  every once in a while, in the silence, i’d notice we weren’t interacting.  so i’d perk up, clear my throat, and say “how’s gearpage?” (as if i care).  he’d say something to the effect of “blah blah” and i’d nod, smile and continue my clicking.  another 30-40 mins would pass, and he’d kindly return the love “how’s etsy?” (as if he cares about the world’s best crafting creations).  it continued like this, night after night, after night.  stare, click, scroll, blink.

enter riggins.


tim riggins.  number 33 might have saved our marriage and ruined it (not really, that was me being dramatic).  number 33 of the Dillon Panthers!  that’s right.  we’re making friends with a texas football team, Friday Night Lights.  in efforts to not completely follow our sister and brother in law through tv series after tv series, we stayed clear of this one for a while.  finally gave in and clicked that FNL netfix icon.  first impression was a good one.  we like the artistic flare behind the cameras.  and those characters seemed layered with intrigue.  however, i will agree with joe “more touchdowns, less tramps please.”  it’s the football that gets my heart racing.  we just finished season one, and we’re going to keep going.  we like it.  but let me be clear.  yes, i do like the characters.  yes, the football makes me wish i didn’t have to blink.  yes, i’m tempted to google tim riggins (but i will not).  yes, that coach’s wife is a darling.  yes, i might confess to having a texas accent from the close of the show until i go to bed.  but it’s not the show that makes everything so thrilling, it’s that i get to share this with joe.  for 43 mins, we’re both transported into those crazy texas bleachers!  it’s nothing fancy or grandeur, but having that little us thing each night makes it all worth it.  i love sharing this with you joe.  time together and we both win, and hopefully the Panthers too.

        she mimics everything these days.        

naomi (21 months) you’re still our sweet spunky smart girl that talks, a lot!  we may not understand every word you say, but there’s a good chance all that gibberish you so intently tell us, are real words.  sometimes we can listen carefully and figure it out your little language!  a new favorite is you’ll hold your hands up, shrug your shoulders, make super big eyes and say “mommy ah you?” (Mommy where are you?”).  *you started singing!  you especially love “happy birthday.”  you haven’t discovered pitch, however, which makes it all the more adorable.  *you figured out the phrase “how bouw… dis one?” and use it to pick clothes in the morning or books at night time, it’s so cute!  *you are very empathetic.  if someone else is crying (like aria), you will begin to fake cry.  it’s very sweet and annoying at the same time.  *you’re a sweet big sister.  you love laying with aria, holding her hand, and saying “picta,” telling us to take your picture!  *the TV remote control went missing, only to find it (3 days later) in our dresser drawer (we are much more careful now).  *you discovered independence: you will shake the spoon until mommy takes her hand off the spoon; you put your hand out in a stop gesture and say “no gang ku” to tell us to go away.  *you saw daddy pull out a pizza box from the fridge, and you ran straight to your chair, climbed up, and yelled “peeza, peeza, peeza!”  *you love to play “shoes.”  you pull out your shoe basket and together we put all your shoes on, one pair at a time.  once they’re on, you run a lap around the house with your fancy shoes on your feet and a huge grin on your face, then back to mommy, and we put on another pair!  this goes on for an hour!  *you heard yourself fart, and you laughed and laughed about it, thought it was so funny! (i did too!)  *you’re still a sleeping champ.  sometimes you ask us to put you to bed and you lay down like a little angel before we even close the door.  you’re a dream!  *to avoid any sudden outbursts, daddy and mommy spell lots of words now.  *you learned to walk backwards!  *you can climb into your own carseat.  *you can swing all by yourself now!  you love being on our front yard swing— you’ll tell us “fasta!” (faster).  lows* you broke out in a pretty bad rash on your leg.  auntie shelly was right, it’s eczema.  that’s a scary sounding word.  you’re good about telling us when it hurts “owie,” and saying “no ish” (not itching) and asking for “mehsin”(medicine) and then saying “aw beh” (all better).  *good chance you’re allergic to grass.  especially sad after we just put about 2000 sq ft of grass in our backyard.  *you started screaming to get what you want.  that’s not cool.  *while i was paying very close attention to you, you were playing the piano beautifully.  but, what i failed to notice was that you were actually running up and down those ivories with your shoes on!  i panicked and put you in your first Time Out!  i got very serious with you, put you facing the corner, stepped away, counted to 20 out loud.  i was very surprised how willing you were to stand there, face the corner and not turn around once.  when it was all said and done, you ran back to the corner, stuffed your face right in the crease of the wall and said “geh!” (again).  that obviously did not go so well!  *you started scowling. (dropping your chin to your chest, eye brows furled, making it incredibly clear you are not happy).  loves* swinging, going on walks around our circle, flintstone vitamins, fruit leather, peanut butter, looking at bugs, rice, cheese, bacon, peaches, dancing to backyardigans episode 39.  obsessions* pizza, sharing (you’re our little share police!), “wa wa” (water) or “meh” (milk) at 2am, “day dah” (blanket), hats, especially your blanket hat (you love wearing your blanket on your head).

loves her toes.                          aria (4 months) you are a darling.  your chubby thighs, your huge smile, your bubbly giggles; they melt my heart.  *i’ve learned that you really like to hold something in your hand; to hold my finger, my shirt, or hair; holding something is very comforting to you.  *you love to lay on your play mat.  *laugh at that cute little baby in the mirror (you!)  *watch a show with Naomi.  *you’re strong, coordinated, and very aware.  you lift yourself up and try to bring your knees under you! (Dr Martinez is shocked at your strength and awareness.  she warns me that you’ll be walking early! aria, you’re frightening me!)  *you’re a very sweet little sister.  it doesn’t bother you that Naomi smothers you with kisses, and sometimes rolls wildly around you in excitement.  she takes toys out of your hand, but you don’t mind.  *you drank GrampBill’s Nestle GoodStart baby formula like a champ! (he loved feeding you every last drop!)  *you started laughing! (daddy makes you laugh the best!)  *you went on your first plane ride!  (you did great!)  *you went in the pool for the first time too!  *you roll around everywhere!  *you only poop once every 3-7 days, saving us a lot on diapers!  *you love situps.  seriously, you won’t lay flat, you’d rather lift your head and try to get yourself in a sitting position.  *you’re great at sitting up assisted, and you love it.  *mommy sees some possible curls forming in your hair!  lows* you had a huge poopy in seattle, the whole bed had poop on it!  * i thought it was just another of your daddy’s theories, but now i’m on his side— you’re teething, and it’s killing us!  you’re still not sleeping well and drool constantly; your sweet slobbers get our shirts all wet.

family memories:  daddy’s weekly travel to dryden.  mommy started her 7th year in her growth group, every tuesday night!  daddy enjoys basketball on tuesdays and thursdays.  we’re keeping up with our “every other friday happy hour at Miguels!”  naomi is a flowergirl in micah & katrina’s wedding!  we tag team as emcees at the reception.  seattle with paschalls and mom, so much fun.  vacaville & daytrip to napa’s v. sattui winery!  a perfect summer’s weekend with dad’s salsa, sleeping in, us open tennis, and a whole bunch of pool time!  leading worship at flood is completely wonderful and totally exhausting (we went back when aria was 2 months) and we enjoy our twice/month sundays!  san diego blackout gives us dinner and bath time in the dark, and a spontaneous neighborhood block party!