today marks seven.

Today marks seven.  Seven years today Joe and I got hitched!  It was a gorgeous crispy sunny day.  We tied the knot on his 26th birthday, and Halloween, no less.  God knows I was nervous about possible goblins crashing our ceremony, but I sure wasn’t nervous about the “till death do us part” part.  Marrying Joe was easy, it was the most confident I’d ever been about making a decision, I knew it was right.  You’re my Mr Right.  In the last seven years your presence has only made life so much sweeter.  Really, it’s been a dream with you Joe.  You’re incredibly giving.  You’re really cleaver, your humor is what caught my attention in the first place.  Your prayers have always melted my heart.  Creative and clear communication.  You work so hard, without complaint.  You’re more dedicated to dreams and personal growth than anyone I know.  You’re committed to building an adventure for us and our family.  God created you with a gift in arts and creativity, and a master in numbers and mechanics.  Everyone knows if there’s a problem, ask Joe, he’ll have a solution or two.  You’re brilliant.  Of course, if you could only find faster internet for my dad’s house out in the sticks, you’d be a genius (winks).  Above all, you’re so very kind, one of my most favorite qualities about you.  I said it seven years ago when we made a video and played it at our wedding, today the words I said then still stand true today “thank you for being my husband!”  Happy Annibirthoween love.  Let’s do more life together…


Naomi 22 months.

Naomi love, you continue to be such a little sweetheart!  *Mommy started vacuuming, and you saw Aria get super upset.  Mommy watched you rush to her on the floor, sweetly pat her head, and over and over you told her “eh okay Ahya, eh okay” (It’s okay Aria, it’s okay) and brought her some of her baby toys (my heart completely melted, you’re a sweetie Naomi!).  *You learned so many words this month!  You are talking!  Out of no where, you up and counted to TEN!!  You’re a little smarty!  *You asked mommy to sing to you for the first time!  And then you asked mommy to stop singing “no mommy, no ging mommy.”  *It was a joy dancing with you and daddy in the moonlight in our backyard.  *You enjoyed your first, and not last, Happy Meal.  *You learned the word “abeh” (obey).  You love going down the names “abeh Mommy” “abeh Dada” “abeh Ama”… and on…  you love saying everyone’s name!  Daddy really likes hearing you do roll call on who’s “away” (awake).  “Dada away” “Mommy away” “Baby away” and so on…  *You learned to grab our hands and drag us to where you want us by saying “cah peas” (come please), it’s really too cute.  *You’re so expressive!  Daddy taught you how to make a sad face, an angry face, and a happy face.  And you’re really good at all three on command.  *As Daddy puts it, “You are hot and heavy into negotiations!”  You’ll do almost anything for a marshmallow these days.  *Mommy was looking at her phone, you swatted the phone away and told it “no gangku,” as you clearly wanted mommy’s full attention.  *You love to make everyone pretend they’re asleep, and then you yell “Away!” (Awake) and giggle your pants off to see everyone “awake” from their pretend slumber, you think it’s so funny.  *When mommy comes to get you in the morning, you don’t want to get out of your crib, you want us to give you books.  We’ll give you books, and you’re content to stay in your crib and “read” your books out loud.  *You met Dora, and fell in love.


loves:  Baby Signing Time, vol 3 (you love it when the bird flies away in the wind!), marshmallows, reading books in the tent with daddy, you love washing your hands with soap, “meeeba” (peanut butter, that one took me a long time to figure out), Cheerios with milk! (you finally got the hang of utensils!), wearing your sunglasses, and playing with your cousins!  lows:  *You like to lay on your sister.  *You happily give yourself Time Outs; love standing with your nose in the corner.  *You snagged a glass ornament at Pier1, dropped it, and it shattered everywhere (I felt like that mom).  *There is a song on the VeggieTales SockDrawer CD that you hate.  You hear two seconds of that song, and you start screaming in the car.  *There was a moment at Spouts when mommy wasn’t paying attention and you ran up to mommy delighted to show me your cookie!  You ripped open a case of cookies, and started eating them in the store!  Then I wasn’t sure if I should be proud of you, or upset, as you started sharing your stolen cookies with other kids at the store!

Aria 5 months.

Aria, my darling, you slept seven hours straight this month!  In fact, mommy thinks your just fabulous these days.  You go to bed at 7pm, quick wake up at 10:30pm and another at about 4am, and then finally awake at 7am.  It’s lovely!  Mommy can’t cuddle with you enough!  You’ve got the best chunky rolls all over your arms, belly and legs!  You smile so sweetly Aria!  You are so easy to love.  Flying in your daddy’s arms and chasing your big sister is the best! (drooling a huge gummy smile the whole way).  You’ve grown so much this past month, still super strong.  I can hold you on my hip now, lovely.  You really love laying on your back and gobbling up your toes!  You could chew on your toes all day long!  You shocked daddy & mommy and started army crawling!  (Mommy is still in shock about this).  After five months of sleeping all nestled up in our closet, mommy finally moved you into your own room.  It wasn’t easy, but it was time.  You have finally fallen into a consistent napping schedule.  Up for 90 mins, down for 90 mins… you do this all day long.  We can run out and do quick errands now (this is huge, thank you)!   Your sister adores you, she always asks “da baby awake? Ahya awake?”  Or when you’re awake she says in a very high pitched motherly way “Hi baby!  Hi baby” you perk up and offer a huge gummy grin.  She loves laying next to you, and sometimes on top of you (which we are working on).  She loves giving you toys, and she “reading” to you in her tent.  You had your first taste of frosting!  That’s right, you grabbed Naomi’s chocolate covered marshmallow (with sprinkles!) out of your sister’s hand, and stuffed it right into your mouth!  Silly girl.  We fed you your first solids, you loved it.

              loves:  *You love being held up high and rocked side to side! (nothing makes you laugh more!)  *You love it when mommy and daddy give you kisses in your neck! (you laugh and laugh!)  lows:  *You do not like loud noises, like a vacuum.  *However, you’re okay making super loud screams.  Yes, you scream now.  It’s somewhere between alarming, frightening and painful.  *You have a knack of pooping at night, requiring a lot of concentration & coordination of mommy and daddy in the wee hours of the morning.


Family memories:  GrampBill comes to visit before his big retirement from Nestle!  Family trip to Bates Nut Farm.  Mommy gets gutsy and goes to the Safari Park with the two girls!  Dan and Leonie’s Carlsbad Beach BBQ and bonfire.  Noodle has a Bonfire at Crown Point with her Life Group girls.  Joe celebrates his 33rd birthday with White, Paschall, Heinrichs, Woodall, Torres and Lehman in high fashion at Stone Brewery (new bags for cornhole!).  Maertzs host Paschall’s 5th annual Pumpkin carving extravaganza (Alien blastoff pumpkin takes 2nd place, as always).  Wanida sings at Erase Poverty’s Launch Party!  Wanida enjoys joining up with Big Brothers Big Sister’s Gourmet Dinner, and an old fashioned singsong after party at the piano.  Emily and Jaylene come over for the chilly rainy day and we make sorbet!  Joe enters the world of home repairs, and discovers a good lesson in electric shock while updating the home’s ceiling fans!  Wanida finally hangs up some pictures on the newly painted walls, it only took 7 months.  We finished off the garage with proper electrical and drywall.  Attend EFCC’s wild Fall Festival (serious shock into what’s in store for the next 10 years or so!)  Wanida learns lessons in humility, having to stop in the middle of a song at Flood’s 9am service— and start it again, because she started singing it in the wrong key (nice) and she got sandpaper happy— destroyed the subway sign she made for the girl’s bathroom— total disaster.  Marriage “anecdote” group meet up at Torres’.  Annibirthoween: Wanida gifts Joe new basketball & everyday shoes.  Joe gifts Wanida a promised picnic table for our backyard, from scratch! (ooooo la la!!)  Date lunch at BJ’s for their prized rootbeer.  Evening of the 31st, San Diego Zoo and Flood’s Halloween Festival, Naomi’s a Monkey, Aria’s a Ladybug.  Big date night out: Island Prime, amazing.