Thank the Lord this month is over.

                      There are hard months, and there are ridiculous months.  This month was both.  Sick kids got the best of us.  Runny noses, viral infections, scary high fevers, vaccinations, ear infections, spiral fractures, a teething baby, our fully decorated Christmas tree crashing to the ground with guests over and a pesky little mouse running around our home.  My nerves couldn’t handle the stress and lack of sleep.  That’s when the rash formed and shingles got added to the mix.  Shingles?  Yes, shingles.  When things get ugly, I get super thankful over the smallest glimmer of goodness.  And that’s what sums up this november month, I am thankful.  Thank the Lord, Joe had extended time off for Thanksgiving, and GrampBill was in town for a week to save this sinking household.  Thank the Lord for kind family and friends in moments of need (and sweet surprises from!).  Thank the Lord our trials are temporary.  Thank the Lord for medicine and healing in the form of adorable purple casts.  Thank the Lord for netflix, front yard swings, chocolate tea parties and caterpillars to keep little ones entertained.  Thank the Lord for a precious little niece bringing pure sweetness in the midst of chaos (welcome Noelle Hope Paschall!).  Thank the Lord for reasons to laugh— tying our Christmas tree to the top of our car (by wrapping the twine through rolled down windows) only to discover we tied our car doors shut!  Thank the Lord for grace-giving mantras— “you can be an amazing parent tomorrow”— like when I want Naomi to eat her chicken so badly I bribe her with chocolate, but still give her the chocolate anyways.  Thank the Lord for sweet little girls even when they’re sicky sad and limping with a purple cast.  Thank the Lord for a husband that handles middle of the night milk requests (even when his alarm clock reads 4:45am) and comes home after his long days with a giant heart of enthusiasm— willing to tackle play time, bedtime and me time.  I am truly blessed, thank you Lord.

Naomi, you’re 23 months and you’re just wonderful!  You’re so very joyful and expressive!  Each day your little eyes of wonder and your sweet little sentences make my heart soar.  You say everything, repeat everything and just love talking!  (we love it too).  You comprehend so much!  *Mommy asked you to get Aria the pink purse to play with— you went to your toy tub and under all the piled toys you found the pink purse and gave it to Aria to play with!  You learned to count to twenty! (I will say that 13-16 sound awfully similar, but mommy doesn’t care, you still chimed in on 17 loud and clear!).  We got ourselves a genius.  *You had your shoes on the wrong feet, daddy said “You have them backwards, put them on the other foot.”  One by one, we watched you take each shoe off, and put them on the correct feet, in total awe.  *You love to say “Heh-woe” (hello!) How ah you?” (with perfect inflection!)  *When you walked out of the doctor’s office in your new purple cast, you could have been in a parade— you waved and greeted everyone, “Hehwoe, how ah you?”  Everyone stopped their work to come and see you!  Not a single complaint about your cast!  *You have a heart to help others.  You love helping with anything!  *You’re very compassionate.  To crying sister: “Ahya, you okay?  Wha happen? Eh okay (gentle head rub) Eh okay Ahya” (and you’ll bring her a toy to chomp on).  Your sweetness melts mommy.  *You enjoyed your first big screen movie The Muppets!  If it weren’t for the 25 mins of previews, I’d like to believe you and your cousins would have made it to the end, but that long entry ramp was just too fun to run up and down, and your boy cousins were fun to chase!  Loves:  Dancing, washing hands with soap, tea parties, singing Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday, calling anyone on mommy’s phone (which you do without mommy knowing!), playing with your little sister “Ahh-ya,” chocolate tea, bath in the “beh bafh” (big bath), swinging in Aria’s swing, always shouting “highya” (higher!), listening/singing Veggie Tales “Good Shepherd!”  Lows:  You bit your little sister’s finger! (merely out of curiosity), your exploding diaper at Thanksgiving— made mommy have to throw away your new, now completely filthy, tights.


Aria, you’re six months old and have two little teeth!!  Hooray!  You’re our darling Aria.  You love to smile, and be involved in things.  You’re so aware and very curious.  You watch everything so intently.  You want to be a part of the action.  You move and interact older than your little age, I often forget you’re just six months.  You’re very coordinated, and your moves get you places!  You’re army crawling all over the floor these days, and you’re fast!  If I turn my head too long, you’re off eating someone’s shoes (your favorite choice of mischief) or under the furniture!  You got your paws on the crib railing, so we finally dropped you out of your bassinet.  You are super good at standing and supporting your own weight.  Loves:  Sucking on your two fingers (upside-down).  Holding toys in your hand and banging them loudly on the wood floors!  Being in your jumper (thank you future boyfriend Charlie Floeter!)  Eating!  You love eating, and chomping on anything.  You’re in the stage of putting everything in your mouth.  Babbling & laughing, your sister and cousins bring this out the best!  Lows:  You hate hate it when we wipe your nose.  You are growing through clothes faster than mommy can keep them organized!  You are still waking up twice a night, it’s taking a toll on mommy and daddy (10:30pm and 3:30am).  You think electrical outlets are fascinating.  You cry when mommy leaves the room (I won’t lie, it’s kind of wonderful to know you miss me).