Everyday replay.

IMG_1206  IMG_1209IMG_1194I wish I captured a video. I suppose it’s because it was just another everyday moment I didn’t think to snap a quick shot on my phone.  But now, looking back, that everyday moment is what made it so special.  My head stays afloat (barely!) because of everyday moments— if I stay in a place of gratitude, I can hold these everyday nothing moments as big ones, which they are, big everyday wonderful moments.

Play >  It started when I had a hunch that Juliet might have a poopy diaper, and sure enough, as my nose got closer, that hunch was confirmed.  A simple diaper change is not that simple when you are in the back corner of Costco, with a 3 year old, a 2 year old, a newborn, and a cart full of Costco’s best.  I paused, and quickly sorted through my options.  I kept on coming back to one, and I convinced myself that it was actually a good idea.  I put my purse down, as a barrier between the cement floor and my one month old. And very quickly, I changed a poopy diaper in the middle of the busy warehouse aisle, as my 2 year old and 3 year old danced around telling me all about their birthdays (because that is all they talk about these days).  It didn’t matter how quickly I moved, Juliet was not happy.  She was really not happy, and folks 4-5 aisles in either direction knew it. This is where I want my memory to go wide angle, and where I wish I had the view of an angel and saw this unfold from above.  As Juliet’s screams escalated, Aria and Naomi heard their sister’s cries— and like the beautiful sisters they are, they both ran to Juliet’s rescue.  With a sister by each side, they each held her little flailing hands, and sang.  “Baby mine, don’t you cry…”  Their voices soaring over her screams.  “Baby mine, dry your eyes…” Juliet’s screams slowly muffled and silenced.  “Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.”  Naomi and Aria lean in and smother little Juliet with kisses.  Freeze II  In the midst of these hairy messy lonely long beautiful days, these are the moments that I wish would never end. And like a favorite video clip, I want to replay this one over and over…

Play >  It started when I had a hunch that Juliet might have a poopy diaper

IMG_0613IMG_1497  IMG_0824IMG_0842 IMG_0690 IMG_1177  IMG_1070Naomi Mariam (3.75 years):  *Mommy and Daddy were getting compliments on your cute raspy voice, only to find out that you contracted the Coxsackie virus!  High fevers for days— pretty horrible stuff.  *You’re being really easy going these days.  You used to be quite particular about your wardrobe, and these days it’s “You pick mom!” I’m loving it. *You say the sweetest things— “Well good morning Mommy, it’s such a beautiful day!”  As you smell the flowers, “They smell simply dahvine!” *You are learning about telling jokes, Daddy tells you a few “cross the road” jokes and then you ask to tell a joke, and then you deliver your first joke— by shouting “Joke!” Surprised by your delivery, your audience all laughed! *You pick up on a lot of phrases, a new one you say often “I’ll be right over here if you need me.” Darling! *You’re such a wonderful big sister, each time we park the car you jump out of your carseat and run to Juliet’s side and so sweetly say “It’s okay sweetie, I’m here, I’m here. You don’t need to cry, we’re your family.”  My heart melts. *Do you see that picture above?  You did it Naomi!!  You are a BIG girl!  No more diapers for you!  In total amazement, you’d keep waking up with dry diapers, so we finally took the risk, and you woke up with dry panties!!  And it never stopped, every morning you amaze us, dry dry dry.  You’ve completely understood the transition, and shocked us by getting up to pee in the middle of the night!  Naomi, you’re three and just fantastic!  *You are asking so many questions these days.  A conversation about mean dogs turned into a 3 year old conversation about “good people and bad people.”  Later that night, all on your own, you prayed “God I pray for all the bad people to be nice again.”  I love you Naomi.IMG_1346IMG_1385     IMG_1003IMG_1338  IMG_1525IMG_0776   IMG_1502Aria Ellen (2.5 years): *You love taquitos. You can eat them every day, and sometimes you do. If we make you something else, you get really “emotional” about having anything else but taquitos. You love taquitos. I must say this too. You love ketchup. But not just a little bit of ketchup. You also get really “emotional” if you don’t get a whole lot of ketchup, in a very specific place on your plate! *You are a wonderful helper! Unloading the dishwasher, sweeping, picking up, you eagerly want to help! *One night you traded in your blanket (that you’ve had every night since birth) to sleep with a ball. Yes, a ball. You are obsessed with holding, throwing, and tossing a ball around. *Your little sentences are so darling— a common phrase out of your mouth “Look at me guys.”  And you say it over and over and over until we look. *You sleep with 7 very particular items, and you will not sleep until all have been accounted for.  On top of all these very necessary items at night, you have very extreme “emotions” over which pajamas you must wear—- bedtime is very dramatic these days! Your must haves in bed right now: teal knit blanket, giraffe blanket, giraffe burp cloth, giraffe, Elmer the elephant, purple sippy cup and small square polka dot pillow. If one of these is awry, you are also awry sweet one. The best part is at 2am when you walk over to our bed, you have every single item with you. It’s remarkable really. Not one left behind. *You’re so fun to watch, you just move to your own beat my love. In the picture above, we’re at Del Mar Beach, and you just started dancing around in the sand (even attracting other “fens” (friends) to come dance with you!). You have a fearlessness, a silly nature about you, it’s so fun to watch. Another time, at home, I watched you walk across our bedroom floor in perfect chicken form, completely naked, and completely delighted with yourself! You have a fabulous strut— elbows swinging high, and you barrel over and charge ahead full steam. It’s my absolute favorite! *Very sadly, you also caught the Coxsackie virus, and then passed it to me. But the week got more rough as your virus turned into another UTI and more high fevers. And the following week, when Mommy & Daddy were in Palm Springs you had more high fevers— GrampBill was so good to you, he held you at 2am, and washed you so gently in the bathroom sink as your little body fought hard as it always does. This month we learned that you have reflux from your bladder to your kidneys, this is kind of a big deal, and kind of not.  Does it explain all the mystery fevers? We shall see. The picture above (with you in a teal headband), you’re at the doctor.  We go there a lot.  You always have the best attitude about it Aria.  And when Mommy piles everyone into the car you very often say this “Mommy weh (where) we going?  We going on a ahbenture (adventure)?  We going on a ahbenture to eh doctor?”  And you’re actually excited about it. *Sorry about much of your hair in this post. We tried playing “salon” at home. As much as I tried, you kept looking like a former First Lady, Nancy Reagan. After your hair fell flat, you looked like the famous male rockstar Bon Jovi. I’m sorry. I love you!IMG_0994IMG_0795   IMG_1420IMG_0981  IMG_0969IMG_1137  IMG_1619Juliet Mae (1 month!): We love getting to know you and your darling little face!  I just stare and stare, it never gets old.  We are still surprised how fair skinned you are!  And your eyes, they’re still blue—a deep beautiful blue.  Friends meet you and say “She has blue eyes! Where do the blue eyes come from?”  We aren’t convinced they’ll stay blue— but if they do, you can thank your Great Grandpas Elcho Redding and William “Bud” Maertz.  *Sweet fair one, you have started smiling and cooing!  You are so darling.  Your big grins, your precious little sounds.  I am smiling now, just thinking about it. Juliet, in your big gummy grin, you shine sweet little dimples on your right and left lower cheek!  You do something quite spectacular. You move your head completely left and completely right and you keep doing this, over and over for minutes!  It’s your best trick yet! *You sleep a lot my love. And darling Juliet—you have found your sleep grove! During the day you sleep every 60-90 minutess, and at night you are ready for bed at 7pm, and we don’t hear from you again until 2am! Another quick feeding at 5am, and then you’re up for the day at 7:30am. You’re amazing. *You went for your first dip in a pool!  You’re a natural.  You still love showers too.  Water seems to be your happy place.  The car, however, is not.IMG_1314IMG_0888  IMG_0711IMG_0902  IMG_1501IMG_0895  IMG_0925 IMG_0944    IMG_1109 IMG_0743  IMG_1503Maertz Family Memories: *Wonderful friends gifted us with a meal after Juliet was born! Huge thank yous to Maneevone, Torres, Ramli, Boticas, Erdos, Menconi, Cabrera, Walchle, Maybury, White, Jeldy, Rinehart, Lee, Beck, Lehman, Last, Barnes, Nielsen, Schumacher, Neve, Woodall friends and families, you kept us fed and happy!! *Girls joined Ice-Plex for an afternoon swim class! Naomi you could not be more eager to jump in, Aria you had zero interest in doing anything the swim instructor pleaded with you to try. After 8 classes, Aria, you were a pro at blowing bubbles in the water, and that’s about it (there is no coaxing you, you will do it, when you want to do it); Naomi, the instructor was so impressed, she advanced you two class levels! *Play date meet up at the mall with the Whites, Joe and Tim met up with us after work, and we all tackled BJ’s for dinner as a party of 9. *It would be impossible to properly account for all the sicknesses in our home this month. Three of the four weeks, someone or someones were sick with something. If we left the house, it was for a doctor’s appointment— ten doctor visits in four weeks (I shake my head!) It would have been an impossible month without help from Ama & Papa, you guys rescue this sinking household! *Fantastic getaway to Palm Springs to celebrate Karen’s 30th with great friends! Thank you GrampBill for watching our two oldest, and letting us soak up a weekend with our little Juliet! *Host a late Tuesday night gathering with Flood musicians, talking Christmas on the back deck under the globe lights and a rising moon. *Huge thank you to Miss Evie and my amazing Mom for always generously helping us on Flood Kearny Sundays! We could not do it without you guys; while I am at it, thanks to Ama & Papa for snatching up the girls on Sunday mornings and giving Joe and me some solid quality time for each other (and a one month old baby!). *Taco Tuesday afternoons with the Whites! *Tatum playdate with Karis! *Heinrichs quick stop by on a hot Sunday afternoon & playdate at Children’s museum and EscoGelato (kind of a nightmare visit!) — I passed Juliet off to Krissa Jeldy (thank you!), we mashed four toddlers into the middle of a itty bitty table, and of course Aria spilled her water all over the nicely dressed lady next to her. Eeek!  *Girls, we have a special song, it’s from Annie—  “Tomorrow.”  I sing it to distract you and surprisingly it works, you sing along! And the hairy moments have just turned sweet!  I took a little video of you singing it at the piano.  I probably watched it 40 times that day.  Even after you both were asleep, I watched it over and over again.  It’s your joy—your joy oozes in the video.  I watch it, and can’t help but be reminded of all the joy I have being your mommy. I am so lucky. (The very last picture in this post, is of you girls in the video singing Tomorrow. I adore you guys!)IMG_0735IMG_1219 IMG_0720IMG_1289    IMG_0780IMG_1251  IMG_1439 IMG_1233IMG_1269  IMG_0638 IMG_1135