View More: IMG_6777 IMG_7955 IMG_6590IMG_6698 IMG_6399IMG_6692Juliet Mae (16 months): *You talk so much! With amazing inflection and fabulous animation, you talk! I can’t help but think ‘When this girl gets words, she will be non-stop!’ Newest words: Cah (Cat), Meh (Milk), “Dah” (Doll), and “Gah eh” (Got it). *You are a brave girl Jujubee (Daddy’s current nickname for you). At the park you are climbing straight up the stairs and charging down the slides! Your sisters love catching you at the bottom of the slides, but you want nothing of it, you know you can do this all by yourself! *Your current obsession: Milk and shoes. *We’ll ask you where your belly is and you’ll lift your shirt and point right to your belly. *One night at dinner, the five of us played a game, and you led it. Whatever you did, we copied you. It didn’t take you long, you had it figured out in no time! You hit your tray, we hit our table. You covered your mouth with two hands and giggled away, we did the same. You held your hands high and yelled, we did too. You lifted up your shirt over your head, we all copied you! Oh how you made us all laugh! *You learned the game Ring Around the Rosie—  after everyone falls down, you are the first to pop up, with a huge grin, “En! En! En!” (Again).  IMG_6056 Aria Ellen (3.5 years): *You called Daddy at work and desperately asked “Um, um, can you bring us some noodles from the Red Panda?: (Chow mein at Panda Express). *I caught you hitting your head really hard, “I’m trying to take my head off mom, like Casper” (the Ghost.) *Aria you are so good at getting yourself dressed. You will be the first one dressed in the mornings, and you care about all the little details — the socks, the head band, the shoes— it all matters to you. One day you wore a twirly dress, an apron, one glove, tights, fancy shoes, a necklace, a bracelet and a purple pirate-like head band. You looked amazing.*While at Home Depot, you let out a blood curdling scream. You turned around, you were holding your right hand, and it was covered in something red. I prepared myself for the worst. Home Depot workers rushed to our aid. Turned out the red substance wasn’t blood, but candle wax. You had poked your fingers right into a real candle (come on, Home Depot)–a lesser injury, but a shocking sting nonetheless. Weeks later, you talk about it often. *You love ketchup so much. It is on your plate almost every meal, and from refrigerator to plate, you put it there all by yourself. *At bedtime you picked to pray for Sammy, I started “Dear God, we pray for Sammy. Will you take Sammy’s heart and … ” Your eyes got huge “Mommy!! Take Sammy’s heart? No Mommy! I don’t want God to take Sammy’s heart!” *You started quoting movies, and using them in real life. I commended you for being so brave, and you said “aaaahh tough guy!” (Mulan). *I asked you if Santa is real, you said “Yes he is! He lives at the mall!” *Your favorite food is these days is cinnamon toast— you love helping mommy make it. “When I get older, I can make my own cinnamon toast!”                                              IMG_6170 IMG_6453 (1)IMG_6120  IMG_6536Naomi Mariam (Almooost FIVE!): *You are obsessed with your birthday. You made a calender, drew 28 numbers across a paper, and every day you crossed them out in anticipation of your birthday! Each night at bedtime you want to talk about your birthday, currently asking for a bike with two wheels, and a purple donut cake. *You are so very easy going. In the mornings, I’ll ask you “Hey can I pick an outfit for you?” And you so sweetly say “Sure!” When plans change, you rarely unravel, you’re more interested in what the new plans entail. *You’re growing up! Like a big girl, you’re trying so many new foods that you’ve never tried before. This month you had tacos for the first time, and you loved it. *Naomi you are reading! Words like scoop, first, green, third. As we were driving “I spy M-O-M! MOM!” Amazed at you Naomi! *Your memory is spectacular. Ama bought you Disney Princess books, 12 pages each, with big groups of sentences on each page. You have them all memorized. Every. Single. Word. So now you “read” them to others! You read so sweetly, with huge animation and the most darling inflection. *At the park, you perched yourself high on a rock and with perfect hands you belted out “I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I know something’s starting right now!” (you in the blue shirt above). *You picked a dandelion and made a wish: “I wish for a whole new world.” *You are so warm and wonderful to others. At ChickFilA the line was very long, so you wandered to a nearby table filled with kind elderly folks that were obviously taken by you. “Hello, I’m Naomi, what’s your name?” While I stood in line, you sat with them at their table, engaged in conversation with your new friends. As you left their table: “Goodbye, it was nice to meet you.” You are darling.IMG_6612IMG_7956 IMG_6575 (1)IMG_6499 IMG_6770IMG_6220 IMG_6639Maertz Family Memories: *Annual walk from Ama’s and Papa’s to our voting booth at St Paul Lutheran Church. *Mommy forgot to turn off the van’s DVD player one afternoon, so for the second time this month our van battery died. *Joe and Mike Woodall spend an evening to dine and catch up at Karl Strauss. *Growth Group rendezvous to see Erica dance at Spreckles and off to the US Grant for drinks! *Mom gave me a lovely escape to the mall for me time! *Kaira, Mom, and Rolland help us out with many long evenings of Christmas Collective rehearsals. *MOPS Christmas Bazaar. *Celebrate baby Maybury at Kaira’s baby shower. *Prayer night with Monday mommas. *Naomi enjoys ballet down the street! *Joe and I lead music at ICF’s Thanksgiving Party at Emmanuel Faith. Girls enjoy running around and interacting with the students, including Uncle Rolland. *Flood Kearny, and Flood Hillsdale twice. *Thanksgiving at 1204 Birch Way with our Maneevone family. Mommy redeemed her strawberry pretzel cream cheese salad. *You girls picked out this year’s Christmas tree! Daddy couldn’t have been happier. It was a small $19 tree, it fit inside the car, and took one arm to carry into the house! You girls decorated it all by yourselves! *Enjoyed many trips to Felicita Park “leaf park” with Papa, Erin, Stacey, and just us. *We start a new tradition, we light up a fire at the end of bath time. Cozy, warm and cuddly just before bed.IMG_6177 IMG_6263IMG_6759  IMG_6741 (1)IMG_6754 IMG_6712 (1)IMG_6745