How we do vacation

Our final babymoon, and let’s be honest, likely our final getaway for a long time. Three glorious days and nights, just the two and a half of us. I like how we do trips Joe Maertz. The process of deciding a vacation is almost just as fun as the vacation itself. We have a madness to our method, and I think we can both agree, our method is always a bit of a game. This trip was no exception. You started by throwing out seven possible babymoon destinations and then we took turns eliminating one destination at a time. I know you, I know you’re strategically playing me, but that’s the best part, cause I’m playing you too. It’s our game. The list began: Cabo, Catalina, Idaho, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Sedona, Vancouver. Those were my options. One by one, we eliminated destinations with our interests in mind, skillfully guessing what our opponent’s next move would be in order to strategically get our top destination to win. After we tossed out five destinations, it was down to Santa Barbara and Sedona, and it was your turn. Well, you got rid of my favorite, Santa Barbara. Sedona won. Here’s the irony: After playing out our big game, neither of us were that excited about Sedona. I did some research, and by research I mean I text some friends. Even painted in their best light, Sedona sounded meh. We hoisted white flags and very quickly started over. Part two of the game. I carry the baby, I call the shots. Your new options were Palm Springs or the oh-so-close-to-home Rancho Bernardo Inn. Wouldn’t you know it, Palm Springs won. Together, in the sun-shiniest of days, we did nothing but lounge around and enjoy quiet. A dream come true— a weekend of quiet with my Joey, and a rumbly tumbly 34 week in-utero baby, in Palm Springs.

From the Middle East to Palm Springs, this baby girl is going to have a thing with deserts.

Naomi Mariam (6 years): *You surprised all of us with one very gutsy move. You told me you were ready to lose your tooth. So I very nonchalantly attached your tooth with floss to the front door and started recording a video on my phone. I really did not think you’d actually do it. You shocked us both! You slammed the door, and your front tooth went flying out of your mouth! I absolutely exploded with joy! I love celebrating you Naomi! You did it! *Upon entering the shower one evening, you let out a giant “Ahhhh. Now this is a dream come true.” *During baking class, you didn’t enjoy mixing and measuring as much as you enjoyed bossing, ahem, reading the directions and telling us all what to do. *You got your first report card and MAP testing results! Naomi you nailed it! 96th percentile for reading and math. So proud of you!

Aria Ellen (4 years): *You see that pink purse you’re holding up there? It’s filled with about $1.75 in coins. You very strategically bring this money to Phil’s. Of all things, the mini toy vending machines have your heart. And now our money. *You continue to amaze us with your coordination and strength. You flip upside-down on the rope swing, with your toes pointed of course. You love flying down the hill on your scooter! You are tough, with bruises and scrapes all over. Can we say active? *You visited our room in the dark of night, complaining of a stomach ache. In the next second, you barfed all. over. me. The only silver lining in this story is that I caught all of your barf entirely in my shirt. All of it. You could say I took one for the team. The next day, while at Baskin Robbins, you were halfway through your bubble gum ice cream when you walked it over to the trash can, and threw it away. “It’s too sweet. If I eat too much my tummy will hurt and I’ll barf.” *While we were driving, almost to our street, Daddy told you “Hey Aria, who said you could unbuckle?” In perfect Aria: “But you’re unbuckled.” Daddy had no response.

Juliet Mae (2.5 years): *Big news this month— you are sleeping in a BIG GIRL BED!! Last month we got you the bed and assembled it, but you really weren’t too keen on the idea. This month, all that changed. You love your big girl bed. And are you ready for this? You stay in bed!!! You don’t even try to get out of bed. It’s bizarre and incredible at the same time. We kiss you goodnight in your big girl bed, and that’s where you stay until the green light turns on! We are in awe. Now, can we talk about how loud you breathe at night? *You are obsessed with getting dressed and changing clothes. It’s a constant drive-us-crazy-all day request from you. “Mommy, I caynge?” *Out of nowhere, you asked Daddy, “Hah wah wahk today?” (How was work today?). Juliet you are sooo cute and sooo dang talkative! Another day I told you that Aria was sick, and you responded “I weeewy wike Awia. Yea, see so bootifuw” (I really like Aria, yeah, she’s so beautiful). I just love your heart Juliet. It shines.

Maertz family memories: *One of my favorite days this month. After church, we headed to Phil’s BBQ for lunch, and after a quick run home, we were off to the zoo (our season passes were about to expire)— a spontaneous, beautiful, wonderful day!  *For the fifth time in six months, I killed our car battery. I just have a knack, what can I say. Unfortunately, the compromised battery left GrampBill and GG stuck in the Sprouts parking lot with you three girls. *GrampBill and GG came into town, loved on you guys while we enjoyed our quiet getaway! *We got reimbursed by the state for our water-saving yard efforts (!!!) — it worked! *Lunch with Leonie, Ama and Papa for a spontaneous President’s Day! *Girls night out at Brother’s Provisions to celebrate my and Krissa’s birthday! *Joey became a real man, he bought a lawn mower. *Week night painting with Leonie for our birthdays! *Hosted Denny, Lauren and Autumn for a weekend. Easy and real company, the best. *Uncle Jim and Auntie Melissa stayed a night with us while they searched for homes in San Diego! So fun to have them close by and enjoy spontaneous “sleep-overs”. *Celebrated Leonie’s and my birthday with a family Super Bowl dinner here! *Bit of a scare this month, a $6,000 scare  (thankfully completely covered by insurance). Woke up with a tingly left cheek, blurred vision in my left eye, and a numb left arm. A quick call to Kaiser got me almost immediately admitted into Palomar Hospital. After seven hours of monitoring and an MRI (which involved my and baby’s first trip in an ambulance), all looked fine except my glucose. I failed my glucose test. H o r r i b l e. This mommy is very dependent on her sugar to get through the day, and big changes have to happen to get my glucose under control. Horrible!


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