Behind the story.

Joe, Wanida, Naomi and Aria Maertz: the Maertzs

This is the once a month story of the Maertz family.  It begins something like this… two twenty something kids met and fell in love at the del mar fair in california.  In 2004, they married and became The Maertzs (yes, it’s an awkward name in plural tense, but you’ll get used to it).  The Maertzs worked and played, splurged and saved, and then conquered a dream— the Maertzs quit their jobs and traveled the world.  Yes, world.  It was amazing, beautiful and the best 7 months of their lives.  They ran out of money, came home, worked more, played more, splurged more, saved more, and started the most incredible journey in december of 2009— the Maertzs had a baby.  When baby Naomi was eight months old— they got pregnant again!  2011 was a busy one.  The Maertzs bought an $11,000 septic system and a house to go with it!  Two months later, little Aria joined the family!  The Mrs didn’t want any of those beautiful life moments to be forgotten, so the storybook took shape and the blog began.  It starts out a little something like this…

Once upon a Maertz…


Storyteller and mom: Wanida Maertz

2 thoughts on “Behind the story.

  1. Oh Wanida! What a joy it was to read your lovely, heart warming blog with tear filled eyes. I look forward to sharing in your savor moments and life’s greatest experience…motherhood!
    joy and blessings
    ashley Lalkin

  2. Hi there Wanida, I noticed on Instagram about your upcoming visit to Abu Dhabi. We have a number of friends there. I don’t know how long you will be there but if you want to contact with any of our friends, let me know.

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